Well, it’s official…we have had our first all-of-the-family holiday stomach flu marathon. It started with our sweet grandson (who we though was just having the normal little guy tummy changes), then on to my daughter-in-law and myself (and we tried blaming it on the frappes), then one son, then the other, and finally my Bob. It was the classic domino transmission, and it made me recall similar circumstances and previous holidays with my family or origin. But in those days it was a family of 11 (2 parents and 9 kiddos) in a one bathroom home. Fortunately, our Guanajuato casitas gave us more options. I am guessing everyone who reads this has a similar holiday/illness memory. True – not a fun recall, but often a funny one.

The take-it-easy time gave me an opportunity to work on my knitting. My first stockings project, and I literally just tuned a major corner. As a distraction I have indulged in a bit of binge watching: Grace and Frankie on Netflix. Cannot say enough about how much I adore this show. I am laughing out loud just writing about it. Lily Tomlin; Jane Fonda – what more can I say?
Our spokesperson, Harper Edward, sending wishes from our family to yours for a happy, and HEALTHY 2019.