Don’t you love it when things you enjoy doing cycle back unexpectedly into your life? That is what happened to me yesterday. I was asked to work the wardrobe call for Che Malambo, an all-male Argentinian dance company which was performing during Artown. (Check out their video: Che Malambo)

Background: My first wardrobe duty came in 1974 with Disney on Parade, originally when they were touring in the states and had a week-long stop in Ames, Iowa where I was finishing undergrad work and working at the arena they appeared in, and then later in Mexico. Such fun times! It was during the Mexico leg of the tour that my Bob (who had also worked with the company in Iowa and subsequently taken a job as the unit’s Technical Director) and I become friends and, in a parking lot in Mexico City, decided we would marry. (There is still some discussion about who proposed to whom.) We have a special place in our hearts for all things Disney and can still sing parts of “It’s A Small World After all” in Spanish.

Second wardrobe stint was in 1982 (married, two children; back in Iowa) and a Broadway touring company of “Annie” was playing in Des Moines. It was as much fun being backstage as I had remembered. In an interesting twist, they had just had one of their wardrobe crew leave and they asked if I would like to join them for the rest of the run. (Who knew those Home Economics classes would pay off in such an interesting way???) Flattered as I was, it was a offer I could easily refuse and happily head home to my guys.

So yesterday brought back sweet memories. The steaming and ironing and mending and button sewing amidst the activity of rehearsal, stage set-up, and sound check was still as much fun. In the evening I sat in the audience and watched Che Malambo perform their amazing dances and routines.  It was a fabulous show that included effects from Mother Nature as storms rolled through behind our venue. With all of that going on I still could not resist thinking to myself, “And I pressed Pancho’s pants.”