Our lovely casita rental includes a weekly cleaning service – which we much appreciate; and, though we really don’t get our nest too messy (as evidenced in the photo), it is nice to have things freshened. Our gals (they are always gals) arrive promptly at 10am, and we leave the house until they are finished – which means being gone until at least 4pm. It is not as if they are slow (though they do keep a pretty moderate pace), but they are extremely thorough. All sheets and towels get changed; floors get mopped; bathrooms get sanitized; shelves and objects on them get dusted; patio furniture is wiped down and even the outdoor areas get wet-broomed. Like I said – thorough.

This also presents us with the challenge of finding something that will keep us occupied for a day away from home. For now we are taking turns coming up with a plan. Last week it was my turn and I proposed driving to Leon to check out a couple of fabric stores and then coming back to Guanajuato to see a movie ( Mary Poppins Returns is showing in English at our local Cinamex!)

When we came to Mexico this year I brought along my sewing machine and much of what I needed for 2-3 projects. I had already made dear grandson, Harper, a couple of pillow cases: one to commemorate his holiday trip to Guanajuato and another for his first birthday – coming up in a couple of months. Now I was itching to begin a quilt using precut squares I got when friends and I visited Hamilton, Missouri this past spring. The decision was to find some deep gray for the background. I checked fabric stores in Guanajuato – no luck. In fact, no 100% cotton fabric was available anywhere. Definitely had to expand the search.
Leon, still in the state of Guanajuato, is a large city. “How large?”, you may ask. 1.24 million. Large. I figured there had to be cotton (algodón) options in a place that big, and I had done some research on fabric stores to check out. First up was Telas Biba, an actual manufacturer and marketer. The store had lots of great fabrics but anything with a bit of cotton was mostly polyester with the exception of the juvenile prints – which were not right for the project. Next store option was Parisina, a chain that I have shopped at before. Same story – polyester blends aplenty. At this point I was thinking I might have to start looking at cotton sheets – if those are even available in a non-blend. (I am learning a lot along the way, so not all is lost.)
But then, on our way to grab lunch I spotted a store not on my list: Modatelas. There, to my delight, I found four bolts of 100% cotton: dark blue, light blue, white, black. Black was close enough for me. Hallelujah. (That is Bob overseeing the fabric cutting.)
Down the street from Telas Biba was an interesting square and church. The street lamp and the saint caught my eye. In truth, the light pole is behind the arch, but the perspective created an interesting illusion.
The parking garage we used had to be near a police station. We never identified the building itself, but there were blocks of parked Policia Federal cars.
The weekend was the celebration of the Feast of Three Kings. These fellows, and many others just like them, were working the streets.
Their goal was to get people to buy Rosca de Reyes, a sweet bread with a plastic figure of the baby Jesus baked inside. These breads also come with packets of white frosting and bags of colored sugar to sprinkle on top. Makes my teeth ache to think of it.
If you didn’t buy your bread from the street venders, you could also pick it up at a grocery store. Or favorite store bakery had racks full.
Back to Guanajuato for our movie. The mall was filled with families and children enjoying the stage shows.
I had my heart set on trying this popcorn flavor, but it was not to be. We had checked on line for movie times for Mary Poppins: 3:40, 6:40 and 10p. We got to the ticket window ahead of the 3:40 showing and got tickets. When we went to enter, however, it seems we were sold tickets for the 6:40 show. We explained the error to the ticket taker who in turn got a manager. Turns out there was not a 3:40 show, nor a 6:40 show – only a 10pm show. When I showed them the times listed on their website (which I had on my phone) the manager told us they had just, within the last 2-3 minutes decided to change the schedule. So – no movie, no popcorn. But we did come away with a couple of passes to be used in the future. Our plan is that next time we go to the theater we take along our Kindles – just in case we have to sit and wait for whatever time the movie is actually screened. Like I said, I’m learning…