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What Happened Last Night

July means Reno is celebrating Artown, and of all the amazing cultural offerings (500+!), the Midtown Art Walk is one of the best. Last night the streets were crowded with people out to enjoy the music, food, beverages (adult and otherwise), and exhibits. This year more than 90 merchants and close to 100 artists contributed to the event. One of the best features on the walk this year was the People Project. Over 50 life-size statures were placed throughout.. Read More

CA + Bday = F x 3

An equation for a fabulous celebration: California (CA) on my birthday (Bday) was filled with family (F), friends (F), and food (F).  Actually the formula probably should read CA + Bday = F x 4 as there was so many food opportunities. On our first evening we headed into San Francisco to meet up with family and especially to get in some cuddle time with my niece’s new babe. Dare I say he is a perfect child?  Yes,.. Read More