Always on the Verge

Reflections and connections of a life-long learner.

What Happened Last Night

July means Reno is celebrating Artown, and of all the amazing cultural offerings (500+!), the Midtown Art Walk is one of the best. Last night the streets were crowded with people out to enjoy the music, food, beverages (adult and otherwise), and exhibits. This year more than 90 merchants and close to 100 artists contributed to the event. One of the best features on the walk this year was the People Project. Over 50 life-size statures were placed throughout.. Read More

CA + Bday = F x 3

An equation for a fabulous celebration: California (CA) on my birthday (Bday) was filled with family (F), friends (F), and food (F).  Actually the formula probably should read CA + Bday = F x 4 as there was so many food opportunities. On our first evening we headed into San Francisco to meet up with family and especially to get in some cuddle time with my niece’s new babe. Dare I say he is a perfect child?  Yes,.. Read More

Washington D.C. Dichotomy: Modern and Ancient

It was warm and humid, but that did not stop us from getting in some great adventuring in “the District” during our recent visit back East.  But, since time was limited, we decided to go for a robust mix: modern at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Gallery and ancient (Asian) at Freer and Sackler Galleries.  Here are some highlights: At this point our visit was abbreviated because there was a security evacuation. It was actually quite interesting and a first-time experience for us… Read More

Baby Quilts and Blankets; oh my!

Seems like there are a lot of people I know that are having babies right now.  Just today I finished putting the binding on a third baby quilt; and I have one more to make.  Also finished a knitted blanket and have made good headway on a second. Favorite part: choosing the fabrics. Love to come up with something personal for each family.

Visiting a Shrine of the Muses

Museum: Shrine of the Muses; a place for inspiration and education; holds and preserves items of value; encourages the study of objects of scientific, artistic or historical interest. Saturday started off in a spectacular fashion.  As a volunteer for Historical Reno Preservation Society (HRPS) I was invited to join a small group of fellow history lovers for a private tour of University of Nevada Reno’s Mackay School of Mines, and more especially the Keck Museum. By.. Read More

Austin: Two Ways

First way: as tourists. Since this was our first opportunity to check out this much-talked about city, we consulted travel sites, talked to current and former Texans and settled on an itinerary that included their top suggestions and also appealed to us.  We were fortunate to have friends join us for what I believe was one of the best days of sightseeing (because we were with them – thanks, Nick & Robin!). Our day began.. Read More

What a Week!

It is Spring Break, and that means less encumbered days (no Kindergarten duties) and more time to tend to the various creative undertakings I have on my plate.  The week started delightfully with a Sunday afternoon class at Reno Bead Shop.  I am not a serious jewelry maker (though I do love my fabric beads) but have been yearning to learn more about wire wrapping so I could do a wider range of embellishing. Five.. Read More

We All Scream for Ice Cream

Savannah…what a wonderful place to meet up with friends. We have been having a wonderful time. Lots of walking, touring historic homes, enjoying museums, shopping AND buying. One of my favorite stops is always the SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) Store. All merchandise is created by SCAD students. Really dug the jewelry that was made using a 3-D printer. And then I spied the polished rocks with the lace stencils. These beauties have.. Read More

A Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

Recently we were having breakfast at a favorite local eating spot (Great Full Gardens, in case anyone is interested) when I was delighted to receive this cup for my coffee.  It felt like a wonderful start to the day and also planted a seed of an idea about what influences how we see things and consequently how we feel. The idea got fleshed out a few days later when I brought home a newly painted.. Read More