Always on the Verge

Reflections and connections of a life-long learner.

People Before Projects

In keeping with my resolve of being intentional and thinking about what I undertake, I have had a few weeks of not getting much produced but have been very busy, none the less.  There has been a spate of life events that have kept me away from my usual pursuits. It has been a time of connecting/reconnecting and, in some cases, reaching out to provide support and sustenance. I am thankful that I have the time and means to do.. Read More

Success…and not…

Last post showed you the beginnings of the fabric beads I was working on.  It was a fairly lengthy process in that you have to wait for each layer of ornamentation to dry before moving on.  And, as many may know, I am not good at waiting as I like to keep moving along toward a finished project. In fact, I have totally ruined some things because I couldn’t wait for things to dry.  (Add this.. Read More

2015: Dedicated to Intention and Practice

This project was inspired by my Creative Connections group.  They issue a monthly “challenge”; for January we are to make something using less than a 1/2 yard of fabric.  I have made fabric beads before (note the small grouping of uniform beads in the lower left corner of the paper), but am experimenting with a new wrap method and incorporating recently purchased fabric paints in metallic colors. I am also going to try some fiber and bead.. Read More