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Guardarropa: Parte Tres (Wardrobe: Part Three)

┬áDon’t you love it when things you enjoy doing cycle back unexpectedly into your life? That is what happened to me yesterday. I was asked to work the wardrobe call for Che Malambo, an all-male Argentinian dance company which was performing during Artown. (Check out their video:┬áChe Malambo) Background: My first wardrobe duty came in 1974 with Disney on Parade, originally when they were touring in the states and had a week-long stop in Ames,.. Read More

Burning Man Preparations

It was a fun weekend at our house. In between Artown activities we got serious about our lists for Burning Man: food, clothing, shelter, transportation, what to bring to share, etc. The food list was not too perplexing as we have done quite a bit of wilderness camping, spending anywhere from a week to 10 days in the Boundary Waters Area in Minnesota. Shelter was straightforward as we will be lodging in Homer, our Odyssey.. Read More

Scandinavia in June

Well, we have been back in the states for about 2 weeks. I have almost got my body clock back on PST after those midsummer nights and long plane flights. And I also recently finished a photo book about our travels. I have added a link to the book for anyone who is interested. Scandinavia Photo Book